Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is a legally and emotionally complex procedure. In less legally complex cases, the State of Florida currently employs a process known as simplified dissolution of marriage. Just as it sounds, a simplified dissolution of marriage is a simplified process for divorce designed to promptly dissolve certain types of marriages. In order to qualify for a simplified divorce the parties must:

  • Have no minor children (under the age of 18) or no dependent children.
  • The wife must not be with-child.
  • At least one of the parties has lived in Florida for the past six months.
  • You have come to an agreement on how your assets and liabilities are to be divided.
  • You both agree on the fact that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
  • You both have agreed to use the simplified dissolution of marriage procedure rather than a regular dissolution.
  • Both parties must sign the required documents.
  • Both parties must appear before the judge together for the final hearing.

If you qualify for a simplified dissolution of marriage it is essential that both parties are aware they are giving up certain legal rights given to them in a regular dissolution of marriage.

Making the choice to enter into the simplified dissolution of marriage process can save you a great amount of time and money. If you are interested in a simplified dissolution of marriage Winston Law, P.A. can assess your individual case and determine if you qualify for the process. If your case does qualify for a simplified dissolution, Winston Law, P.A. offers affordable flat fees for uncontested divorce. For more information please contact Winston Law, P.A. at or (561) 670-9375.