Attorney’s Fees Child Support Prenuptial Agreements

Child Support

Criminal Defense
Whether you are just starting the divorce process or are attempting to alter an existing child support order, it is important to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to make sure you are paying or receiving the correct amount of child support.

Prenuptial Agreements

Family Law
A prenuptial agreement is a marriage contract entered into prior to marriage. In a prenuptial agreement the parties can predict division of assets in the event that there is divorce. Prenuptial agreements create certainty and avoid expensive divorce proceedings.

Attorney’s Fees

Criminal Defense
In spite of the fact that each party is responsible for paying their own attorney’s fees, Florida Law does permit the court to order that one party pay the other’s attorney’s fees. The idea behind this law is that each party should have access to equal representation.

Services Include, But Not Limited To

Paternity and Father’s Rights

If you are a father to a child and not married to the mother of that child, it is very important to be aware of your rights in Florida. According to Florida Law, if you are not married to the mother of your child at the time of the child’s…

Divorce Overview

Getting divorced is a legally and emotionally perplexing process. Prior to filing for divorce it is very important to be sure there are no other options that could make the marriage work. Marriage and family therapists, psychologists, or other qualified counselors may be helpful. In addition to private therapists, many…

Domestic Partnership Agreements

Domestic partnership agreements are similar to those of prenuptial agreements. The purpose of a domestic partnership agreement is to protect couples that chose to live together in long term relationships instead of marry. Domestic partnership agreements can determine how financial matters will be dealt with during the relationship and after…

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