Child Support

In Florida, both parents are required to pay child support to their children. The amount of support each parent is required to pay is determined by Florida Child Support Guidelines which can be found in Florida Statute 61.30. Child support amounts are dependent on income and adjusted to take into consideration health insurance, daycare and parental timesharing.

Whether you are just starting the divorce process or are attempting to alter an existing child support order, it is important to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to make sure you are paying or receiving the correct amount of child support. Florida child support guidelines are outlined in Florida Statutes and are extremely particular as to the amount of child support each parent owes their child.

While not required by law, the parties may agree that one or both parents shall be responsible for healthcare payments, health insurance payments, daycare, private school tuition, and school uniforms.

Winston Law, P.A. can help you if the child support you are receiving does not uphold your child’s standard of living, the other parent is purposefully unemployed or underemployed so they can abstain from paying child support, the other parent is hiding income, you need retroactive child support, establishing paternity to get child support, the other parent has failed to provide insurance, educational cost, daycare or other benefits previously agreed to or ordered by the court.

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